2023 Poster Project: Alameda the Isle of Style

Celebrating the fun, food, and frolic of our little Island is at the core of the Alameda Isle of Style project. This limited edition print project features many of the best things on our fair island, printed on acid free thick paper in two colors.

The illustration and Victoria Heifner, the genius behind Alameda's own
Milkfed Press created the illustrations "with love for the people, places, and city I adore." 

Purchase your poster online here

or in person at the following locations: 

SIGNAL Coffee 2318 Central Avenue

SIGNAL Coffee 1536 Webster Avenue

Cookiebar Scoop Shop 1608 Webster Avenue

Dandelion Flower Shop 1548 Webster Avenue

Pacific Pinball Museum 1510 Webster Avenue

Feathered Outlaw 1506 Webster Avenue

Scolari's Good Eats Food Truck 651 W. Tower Avenue

Almanac Beer Company 651 W. Tower Avenue

Beaker's Records 918 Central Avenue

Malaya Tea Room 920 Central Avenue

Island Savoy Market 1200 Lincoln Avenue

Ozzy's Music Academy 1323 Central Avenue

Alameda Theatre 2317 Central Avenue

Lucky 13 Bar 1301 Park Street

Scolari's Good Eats 1303 Park Street

Marley G's Pizzeria 1330 Park Street

Rocket Reuse 1355 Park Street

Town Tavern 1437 Park Street

Crispian Bakery 1700 Park Street