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Our 2022 HOLIDAY Coffee selection is truly a STUNNER!

Brendan has chosen to share with our friends of SIGNAL this spectacular

 Rica El Diamante Coffee

with a unique and complex flavor profile featuring
prominent notes of gingerbread and baking spice like cinnamon, supported by bright fruity flavors of lemon and spiced apple cider. 

This is an experimental anaerobically fermented and washed coffee from Alajuela, Costa Rica, produced by Carlos Fernández Morera and his family.

It is a beautiful taste of holiday cheer that is a single origin coffee.
A special treat indeed and sure to impress!

We will be roasting on December 1st and 8th ONLY and there is ONE BAG of green of this coffee. When it is gone, it is gone! 
As this is such a limited roast, we are only offering this coffee in 4oz. and 8oz. sizes.

Just roasted, NOW SHIPPING for the Holidays!

Happy Holidays!



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